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Finally, some progress...
took a long time to get these four done. a couple hours here and there when I could. been having a hard time with flooding here, now, like the unemployment and plague aren't enough to deal with now my bloody house is trying to float away. is an utterly miserable time at present but finding time to get these done has kept me going! 

Borr'n - Beakie of beakies...

This mk6 conversion was  bit more complicated than my other primaris mashups.
he uses mk6 head and torso from the 2013 tactical sprue, mounted on tartaros termie legs for the greaved shin look.
the arms are reiver sprue with the left hand from the (much used and abused on this project) sanguniary guard sprue.
pads are simply shaved second edition pads with studs added. (second edition pads makes the shaving easier as they dont have the venty-bits on the inside edge)
the backpack is mk4 tweaked to look rt era with the joints from tau battlesuit torsos (with tube added for the exhausts) used as thrusters.
bolter is a sister-of-silence bolter because its a umbra pattern (all beit with the mag in the centre position, but yeah, its still oldskool) and that means original beakie to me.
although Ive touched on RTB01 inspirations on my reivers in the force and I know Ive done many beakies already, the mix of parts on this conversion, make this the beakiest beakie in this army...
plus the pose, which I at first thought "bored marine is bored" actually came out looking rather menacing. which was nice...

Tertius - mk3 reloading fella

So yeah, this guy is mostly pretty simple.
mk3 head, backpack and pads create the basic illusion. the arms are the reloady arms from the reiver set, but I've put a tigrus bolter on, in a way that makes it look like an old rt era bolter with the forward positioned mag-housing.
a few studs on the legs and knee-greaves, a pistol and ammo on the belt and this dude was done...

Ekki - not-karn mk2-alike

A little more complicated, this guy has an inverted tartarus front-plate for that old-armour-mark look, mk3 pads and backpack as before, but this time paired up with a mk2 lid, scavenged from a plaguemarine (and cleaned up some) to make him more identifiable as mk2.
his kit is the usual boltmags from the mk3 sprue I use so much and his nades come from the stormtrooper kit as they are rather ornate and thus older looking imho.
his oldskool style bolter is based on the bolters you often see in HH artwork like that found in the inside covers of last heretic, which is where I saw it.
its made from the commander sprue's combi plas-bolter with the underside stripped off and a grip and mag added (in the forward-placed orientation for heresy era flavour). I think It works rather nicely. I like a mix of kit and personal flavours on my marines so this kind of one-off model is a pleasant alternative to either a third edition bolter or the phobos, umbra and tigrus bolters I usually prefer to use. its got aspects of all of them really.
Finally, the chainaxe is a 3d print on a nurled-handle for something else (cant remember what, but anything would do, just dont glue it on as wonky as I have ;))

Quadrius - a sorta-mk4-alike

a real simple one, this one is simply one of the dark-imperium mono-poses with a resin mk4 head, and plastic mk4 backpack.
the studs on the shoulder are rivets shaved off a spare chimera plate I had knocking about. I wanted these more subtle to match the sleek mk4 asthetic. thats why I painted the pad-rims the same black as the pad centre, to suggest at the mk4 pads without having to drive myself mad hacking at them.
the bolter for the longest time was just the simple tigrus but it left this model so boring I'd just not bothered to paint it as there was nothing exciting or different about it to get me enthused to do so. (and yeah thats kinda the point of this one. +/- standard issue, but yeah. Its boring.)
so the belt feed from the new (new to me anyhow) chaos sprue was a spark of life and a point of interest that was enough to get me to want to paint it. LOL
Oh yeah, left hand from the sanguinary guard sprue again...

I've four more marines to do, in mk7 style armour with a second edition flavour about them to keep it from feeling too modern. these sharky boys have got to stay oldskool, eh..?

theres also the slash captain and the three scout bikers to do and thats all in the collection so far.

after that? god knows. depends on funds but I'm rather interested in converting up some of those heavy intercessors if and when we ever get them from GW!

Great stuff. They are a very special army. Top modelling project very well executed.
daemon beasts done, the araby war elephant being a christmas present to myself  ;)

Now i just have 9 more stands of plaguebearer hordes to build and convert  to reach 2k (although not a competitive 2k, as beasts + greater demon at 2k is a bit chunky?).

Cheers Dragon,

something a lot simpler this time, greater demon of nurgle. Have wanted to paint this mini for years, maybe bit underwhelming here, but i like the sculpt.

[WM] Warmaster Fantasy Discussion / Re: Dark Elves
« Last post by andys on January 14, 2021, 09:01:18 AM »
Blood Fanatics (Witch Elves) files now added to Moonjammy's offering. Nice!
[BFG] Discussion / Re: BFG Proxy List
« Last post by Malika on January 11, 2021, 09:23:23 AM »
I feel that the 'hyper details' do convey that sense of scale. However, I'm worried that they're rather fragile and probably tricky to paint.

Another thing that kinda bothers me about the design are the castle towers and banners. Besides the banners not really making that much sense in space, both kinda nullify that sense of grand scale that the hyper details tried to convey.
[BFG] Discussion / Re: BFG Proxy List
« Last post by horizon on January 10, 2021, 11:00:25 AM »
The quality seems good. The designs a bit over the top for my liking.
[BFG] Discussion / Re: The BFG: Expanded Revised Rules Thread (Dec. 25th 2020 Update!)
« Last post by horizon on January 10, 2021, 10:59:26 AM »
Officially it is still msm all they way.

For XR is said xabre should see if
Corsair Eldar could be msm
Craftworld Eldar MMS
Dark Eldar MS (as is)

@horizon What I mean is that the pre-existing tilt to escorts is increased when they get 1 shield per HP and cruisers get only 1 shield for every 6 HP! ;D It would be interesting if Corsairs had no shields but Craftworlders did.

Not that any of this is new, but I think the biggest mechanical issue with BBB Eldar is how the second move exploits the biggest weakness of the IGoUGo system’s representation of simultaneity (giving artificial resilience because nothing can react). I don’t think the holofields in BBB are as much of a problem except that they disproportionately affect lances to an extent that’s bad for game balance, but they’re pretty easy to tweak.

But the MSM mechanic seems pretty core to at least Corsair Eldar and you lose a lot of the feel when going to MMS (as well as you miss out on the Uboat-like tactics). Ideally, one could fix this with alternating activations (BFG2020 away!), but if you’re sticking with IGoUGo and you want to keep the MSM character, I think you’d need one or some combination of the following: a reaction fire mechanism, a firepower output reduction when using MSM, reduce the success rate of MSM, or everyone gets a ‘submarine’-type unit that uses similar rules to MSM (probably + holofields).

If you make MSM harder then you get the issue MMS had where you need to up the resilience a lot because BBB Eldar are fragile enough that pulling MSM off becomes a bit of a binary ‘no cost to Eldar’ versus ‘maximum cost, Eldar ship dies’.

I like the idea of using CTANH to reduce firepower because it gives the player a meaningful choice about whether they want to risk the lower firepower and chance of failure for a MSM ambush versus setting up an ambush the hard way without relying upon MSM’s ability to almost-trivially escape.

Now for the unpopular ideas :P I personally like the idea of escorts being able to fire reaction fire (i.e. shoot their guns in the opponent’s move phase, in lieu of their own shooting phase). It gives them a solid role that they really want for (at the moment, everyone but Corsairs basically has ‘torpedo boat’, ‘supplemental firepower’, and ‘a few more turrets’) and follows history by allowing escorts to deter ‘submarine’ attacks.

Giving everyone a escort submarine with Eldar the only ones with cruiser+ subs is an interesting idea for balance, but I’m not sure it really suit BFG so well. 

Now obviously the overall question is whether any of these things do enough to counteract the egregious turn order artefact that allows MSM to work in IGoUGo. I’m guessing MMS tried out some of these ideas? If it were me doing this round of XR, I would have probably taken MSM Corsairs and added the CTANH requirement, and changed holofields to either use the tracing mechanism or made lances count as WBs against them, and just done some balance tweaks. Maybe Craftworlders could have some shields (probably 5+ armour at least); it makes sense to me that they’d have shields where Corsairs might not, but I know they’re there primarily because of the MMS changes. I’m not sure how much @Xca|iber considered those ideas, but maybe some food for thought to at least settle some questions!

(obviously, @Xca|iber, this is theoretical and I don’t mean to unduly influence ye to throw the hard work out the window!)
[BFG] Discussion / Re: The BFG: Expanded Revised Rules Thread (Dec. 25th 2020 Update!)
« Last post by horizon on January 09, 2021, 09:21:24 PM »
Corsairs may have a small tilt towards escorts, that's fine.

Upon rereading I think this new variant goes back to a core rule breaking mechanic but also makes it all a bit more rule heavy. One point of MMS was bringing the rules back into the core rules. Which, admitted, was only achieved after several updates. ;)
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