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Modeling & painting / Re: [BFG] OSJC latchford's bfg stuff
« Last post by horizon on Yesterday at 04:36:37 PM »
Looks like Zaxxon.  8)

Such a waste I cannot remember all the old games I played on Amiga 2000 and Commedore 64.
[WM] Battlereports / Re: Battle of Mittlenberg [Demo game]
« Last post by empireaddict on Yesterday at 02:35:33 PM »
Great report and looked like good games. Thanks.
[WM] Battlereports / Re: Battle of Mittlenberg [Demo game]
« Last post by Pugwash on Yesterday at 11:26:56 AM »
Part Three - Second day of play

As I mentioned, on the second day we were one player down, so we decided to downsize the lists to roughly 1,500 points each and have one player take both the Orc and Chaos armies.  The revised lists were:

The Altdorf Rapid Response Force
- 4 Halberdiers
- 4 Crossbowmen
- 2 Flagellants
- 4 Knights
- 1 Pistoliers
- 2 Cannon
- 1 General
- 1 Hero
- 1 Wizard

Servants of the Golden Crescent
- 4 Spearmen
- 4 Bowmen
- 1 Guards
- 4 Knights
- 2 Desert Riders
- 1 Magic Carpets
- 1 General
- 1 Hero
- 1 Wizard (Djinn)

The Waaagh of Gorefang Sixpeaks
- 4 Orc Warriors
- 2 Black Orcs
- 4 Goblins
- 4 Boar Riders
- 2 Wolf Riders
- 1 Wolf Chariots
- 1 Orc General
- 1 Orc Hero (Wyvern)
- 1 Goblin Shaman

The Crimson Rampage
- 2 Chaos Warriors
- 2 Chaos Marauders
- 1 Ogres
- 2 Marauder Horsemen
- 2 Chaos Knights
- 1 Chaos Spawn
- 1 General
- 1 Hero
- 1 Sorcerer

The Empire and Araby begin the battle with 3 units of knights, 2 units of flagellants and magic carpets, deployed around the small hill.

The Orc and Chaos forces begin with a mix of Chaos Knights and Boar Boys, and a Chaos Spawn and Warriors.  They all arrive on one flank.

The Araby knights waste no time in pushing forward aggressively, using the Magic Carpets to screen their advance.  However, a group of Orc Warriors arrive on the battlefield and rush forward to charge them, sending them reeling back.

Meanwhile the Boar Boys push forward, hoping to bring the fight to the enemy before the Empire cannon can get into position, while the Chaos knights wheel around Mittlenberg.

Seizing the initiative the Araby knights rush through the town to set up a flank charge on the Chaos Knights, but they are too audacious and fail to execute the final manoeuvre.  However, a unit of Knights does manage to charge the Boar Boys in the flank, cutting them down.

The Chaos Knights take the opportunity to take the the fight to the opportunistic Araby knights and cut them down.  The Flagellants attack the Chaos Warriors to purge their taint from the world, but they are slain by the mighty knights.

Meanwhile more Orcs arrive and a brigade of boys occupy the forest near the Empire hill.  They suffer sporadic cannon fire, but their presence serves to deter the Empire from aggressively attacking the Orc brigades.

The Black Orcs and Chaos Knights enter Mittlenberg.  The Empire Wizard casts a weird enchantment on the Chaos Knights to try and prevent their advance, but the knights charge on heedless, and destroy a unit of crossbowmen before overrunning a battery of cannon on the hill.

The Empire forces dispatch the remaining knights and regroup at the hill, protecting their remining cannons.

With the bulk of their army now present the Orcs and Chaos press forward, led by a brigade of Orc Warriors.  The Empire Knights charge forward and slay the greenskins.

However their sacrifice is not in vein as Black Orcs emerge from the forest to charge the knights in the flank while Chaos Marauders attack head-on.  The knights are cut down.

The remining Empire knights sell their lives dearly, charging through the Orc lines, slaying goblin wolf riders and chariots before being brought down.  After six full turns it's time to tally the victory points.

The Orcs lost 540 points, and their Chaos allies 555 points, giving the Empire and Araby a score of 1,095 victory points.

The Empire lost 570 points and the Araby 660, giving the Orcs and Chaos a score of 1,230 victory points and the win!
[GA] Aeronautica Imperialis / Re: Proxies!
« Last post by Malika on Yesterday at 09:40:42 AM »
So this just happened...

Skinners – Hurk Heavy Bomber And Transport Plane - £28.00

The Hurk is one of the heaviest of the Skinners aircraft encountered to date, commonly seen in two variants. The strategic heavy bomber variant has twin bomb bays for heavy ordinance deployment as well as being able to drop lighter bombs from the rear drop down ramp position, the wings can also mount bombs or rockets as required. The transport variant replaces the bomb bay with troop benches and sports heavy machine guns for self defence, alternatively the troop benches can be removed in order to make space for logistics operations.

Fixed armaments include two forward facing twin medium cannon on the fuselage, a rotating twin machine gun turret in the dorsal position and remotely operated rear facing twin machine guns on the tail, other armaments have also been observed.

This is a multipart resin and metal kit with modelling options.

Resin parts:

1 x Fuselage, 1 x Nose section, 2 x Wings (port and starboard), 1 x Vertical stabiliser fin, 1 x Horizontal stabiliser wing, 1 x Bomb bay module, 1 x Transport bay module, 4 x Engine intakes, 4 x Engine thrusters, 4 x Hull fixing dowels.

Metal parts:

I x Skinner Bombardier, 1 x Bomb bay ramp open, 1 x Closed ramp, 2 x Fuselage cannon, 1 x Dorsal turret, 6 x Machine gun barrels.

Model dimensions: Length 115mm, Wing span 140mm

Games Workshop Ork fighter (used without permission) shown for scale purposes only and is not included in this set.
[GA] Aeronautica Imperialis / Proxies!
« Last post by Malika on Yesterday at 09:40:36 AM »
Thought to share possible proxies in this thread. :)

If you guys have any, don't hesitate to post them here!
Modeling & painting / Re: [BFG] OSJC latchford's bfg stuff
« Last post by osjclatchford on August 09, 2020, 04:23:23 PM »
zaxxon ship conversion:

made from the flipped ass-end of an imperial bomber  mated back onto its cockpit, with the front wings removed and the rear wings trimmed to size/shape...
the colours were intended to represent the ship from the original arcade version:

(Colours are different depending on the ported version)
but it came out a bit off... still its obvious what it is eh?
[WM] Battlereports / Re: Battle of Mittlenberg [Demo game]
« Last post by Pugwash on August 09, 2020, 10:04:51 AM »
Part Two - First day of play

Okay, here we go.  We played the scenario twice, over two days.  On day one we played 9 full turns.  On day two (subsequent post) we were a player down so we scaled the armies down to 1,500 points each and played 6 full turns. 

Back to day one, here we are all set up and ready to play.

We had a second table that had all of the armies set our in their order of arrival.

The Orcs managed to deploy their giant and and units of boar boys and regular orc warriors on one flank.  However, they would fail many command rolls and be slow to advance.

The Chaos deployed Chaos Knights and Warriors on the other flack, not an insignificant portion of their tiny force.

Meanwhile the Araby and Empire managed to deploy four units of Knights (between them) facing the Chaos forces, and two units of Flagellants in the centre.

The flagellants waste no time in rushing into Mitttlenberg to secure the church of Sigmar, while the knights advance in good order.  Things seem to be going well for the human forces....

But then the rest of the Chaos army arrive, pouring onto the battlefield, led by Draderor The Blood Bathed atop his fearsome dragon Xendradyd.

Fortunately for the Araby, their reinforcements also arrive, boosting their numbers with a large complement of knights.

Undeterred by the Araby numbers, the Chaos Knights ride into battle, sweeping around the flank and crashing into the knights, supported by Draderor and his dragon.  The carnage is fierce, and many Araby knights are cut down as the Chaos Knights rampage through their lines.

Finally the overwhelming numbers of the Araby forces cut the Chaos Knights down and slay Draderor and his dragon.

The Orcs, meanwhile, have been less active as they are caught up bickering about who will get the most human loot.  The arguments only increase as more and more orcs arrive for battle. 

Fortunately for the Orcs, the Empire army has become lost and only a few units have arrived.  One early arrival is the steam tank, which advances on the Orc line, firing bravely.  Momentarily surprised by this strange contraption, a unit of Orc boar boys destroy it and then pull the metal plates off to make more armour.

Despite going the wrong way several times, the Giant eventually finds himself in the middle of the town, where he tries to eat the flagellants who had paused to pray outside the church.  A fierce battle rages and a unit of flagellants is pulverised before their fanatical kin eventually manage to bring the Giant down.

On the other flank the Araby regather themselves and advance once more.  Chaos chariots hurtle forwards, but are cut down by waiting knights.  Chaos Warriors and their Ogre allies now ready themselves to receive the full force of the remaining Araby cavalry.

In the fierce fighting that follows many chaos warriors are slain and the survivors regather in the woods.  The Chaos are now a broken force.

Meanwhile the rest of the Orc army has arrived and advanced on Mittlenberg, but fortunately for the townsfolk, the Empire has also arrived in force at last.  A steady volley of cannon fire fractures the Orc boar boys advance and sends them reeling.

This barrage, combined with poor Orc discipline, allows the Empire Knights to pull of an audacious charge.  In the brutal hand-to-hand combat that follows the boar boys are wiped out, but the knights suffer heavy losses and try to regroup.

The Orc infantry is ready to march on and keep fighting, especially as many of the Empire units have still not yet arrived on the battlefield, but the two days (9 turns) of fighting are done and it's time to determine the victor:

The Empire lost 960 points and the Araby a mere 565, giving the Orcs and Chaos a score of 1,525 victory points.

The Orcs lost 885 points, and their Chaos allies a whopping 1,245 points, giving the Empire and Araby a score of 2,130 victory points, and the win!
Modeling & painting / Re: [BFG] OSJC latchford's bfg stuff
« Last post by horizon on August 08, 2020, 07:54:21 PM »


Turrican 2

Modeling & painting / Re: (BFG) Tim's Plague fleet blog
« Last post by Gun_wun on August 07, 2020, 04:09:22 PM »
Pretty cool, thanks for sharing!
Modeling & painting / Re: [BFG] OSJC latchford's bfg stuff
« Last post by osjclatchford on August 07, 2020, 08:55:25 AM »
decided to repaint that xeno ship to be a bit lighter, after all:

Ive also converted and painted up another javelin into a truer representation of the splorkon systems XJ-37:

really happy with this one...
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