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Author Topic: Multi Player Necromunda Battle Report  (Read 5389 times)

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Multi Player Necromunda Battle Report
« on: April 20, 2010, 11:43:50 PM »
The following battle report is one from our ongoing Necromunda Campaign.

Trazior Campaign: Time of Anarchy, Multi Player Scenario

[ Posted on the public vid screen outside the door of the Wild Snake Pit Tavern]

++++++For Distribution: M20100409++++++


Guilder Negotiator Markovia Brustad has recently gone missing after failing to return from a scheduled trade contact in the deadland slag area of West Hive. Due to the Arbites presence being virtually non-existent at that this time, the Guild Syndicate is offering a reward to any gang that is able to find Negotiator Brustad and return him in safe condition.

+++Guild Syndicate Confirm ID 689847.08+++

This scenario was based off the Lost Prince multi player scenario from Mordheim.  Three gangs took part in the scenario.

To prevent the 4 x 4 board from getting too crowded, each player divided their gang in half and a d6 was rolled to determine which half of the gang arrived at the negotiators location. Gangs entered from the board edges, spaced according to the number of gangs playing.   The negotiator was placed in the center of the board and would move randomly each turn based on a scatter die and a d6.  If a gang member moved into contact with the negotiator, they “captured” him and could them move off the board with him.  Any gang that managed to get the negotiator off the board would win the scenario.  The negotiator could not be targeted as the Guild would come down hard on any gang that deliberately killed him.

In addition to the negotiator, the bodies of his three dead bodyguards were also placed on the board.  Each of these bodies had a guild badge that could be looted by a ganger coming into contact with the body.  A ganger who possessed a guild badge at the end of the game would earn extra experience. 

Feasting on the deceased bodyguards were three giant rats.  If there was a ganger within 8” of a giant rat, the rat would charge.  If no ganger was within 8”, the giant rats would move randomly each turn based on a scatter die and d3.

We decided to roll for initiative each turn, with turn order going from highest to lowest.

The board layout.  A deserted water reclamation holestead in the wastes. 

The Guilder Negotiator waits to be rescued.

Fierce mutated  rats feed upon the dead bodyguards, but are more than willing to go after any fresh meat that comes their way.

The Shadow Rats gang of House Delaque move stealthily onto the holestead.

The Banshees of House Escher quickly make a break for the loot on the dead bodyguard.

With her sprinting skill, Melina Haveloek leads the way as she quickly closes on the dead bodyguard.

Representing House Van Saar, the Gear Heads also show up at the holestead looking for the negotiator. 

Hawkins of the Shadow Rats sees Anya Amasova, the Escher heavy, making a run for cover on the left to set up a firing position with her heavy stubber.  Seizing the opportunity of catching the Escher in the open, Hawkins opens up and puts her down and out with 5 hits from his heavy stubber.

Ganger Bausk runs to retrieve the guilder badge on the dead bodyguard, but the giant rat near the body charges the approaching ganger and quickly puts him down.  Bausk would spend the rest of the game down because of the rat attack.

Melina Haveloek also sprints forward hoping to grab the badge from the body, but she too is charged by a vicious rat.  Taken by surprise at the speed of the mutant rat, Melina is taken down and goes out of action soon afterwards.  These rats are proving a tough nut to crack.

The Gear Head heavy, “Full Otto” sets up an overwatching position in the rocks, but when one of the Shadow Rats presents himself as a target, Otto fails to hit and much to his embarassment also jams his heavy stubber.

Sledge rushes to help Bausk in the fight with the mutant rat, but he too gets taken down by the ferocious rodent.  Nearby Gruber grabs the guilder badge from the corpse of the bodyguard.

The negotiator wanders closer to the Shadow Rats position in hopes of being rescued before being eaten by the giant rats.

Banshee juve Stacey Sutton attempts to charge the rat biting at the downed Melina.  But when Melina goes out of action, Stacey is broken and runs away, leaving Melina and the guilder badge behind.

Tracy Vicenzo, the Banshee leader, takes cover from incoming Gear Head fire behind the holestead tractor.

Thinking the tractor will provide the safety of cover, a broken Stacey soon joins her leader there….

….only to find both Eschers charged by the marauding rats from hell.

Putting up feeble resistance due to her broken state, Stacy is taken out of action in a flurry of filthy teeth and claws.  Tracy Vicenzo also goes down, and with so many casualties the Banshees retreat from the holestead.

Kaine dodges the ineffctive heavy stubber fire from the Gear Head’s Otto and grabs the negotiator.

Max takes up an advantageous shooting position and rains bolt rounds down on the Shadow Rats with his shot gun.

Just as Sledge is about to get back on his feet in his ongoing melee with the mutant rat, a bolt round from Max slams into him and puts him back down.  Gruber, the only Shadow Rat still standing on the right flank takes cover behind a generator.

Hard pressed from the Gear Heads and the mutant rat, the Shadow Rats attempt to withdraw from the holestead with the negotiator in tow.

Before the Delaques can make good their escape, Kliest fires off a shot at Gruber as he pokes his head out from behind the generator and takes him down.

With so many of their number down, the unstopable rat still terrorizing Sledge and Bausk and Kurt of the Gear Heads about to charge two of their downed gangers, the Shadow Rats make the decision to retreat from the battle rather than stick around and put themselves in an even worse situation.  Leaving the negotiator behind for the Gear Heads, the Shadow Rats collect their wounded and withdraw from the holestead.

With the other gangs having withdrawn from the battle, the Gear Heads grab the negotiator and quickly escort him back to the Guild Syndicate to collect the reward.

The Gear Heads did not have anyone go down so did not have to check anyone for injury results.  They received a reward from the guild of 50 creds over and above the income from their territories and added all the creds their stash rather than spending any of it.  Their 4 inventors once again suffered from a complete lack of inspiration and failed to invent a single thing.

The  Shadow Rats had to roll for injuries on several of their gang members that were taken down, but all came away with full recoveries.  It looked like Gruber was going to lose an eye to a lasgun injury, but Juvie Juverson was able to put his medic skill to use and save the eye so Gruber could make a full recovery.  The leader of the Shadow Rats was offered an Isotropic Fuel Rod in the market place and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to purchase it with plans to use it to provide power to a new settlement.

The Banshees were fortunate to have full recoveries on all the gang members that went out of action.  Anya Amasova, the heavy that went down to 5 heavy stubber rounds, gained some insight from her near death experience and increased her leadership.  Could she have aspirations on taking over the gang leadership from Tracy Vicenzo?  A suit of surplus flak armor was purchased from the Banshee’s guilder contact and was given to plasma gunner Holly Goodhead for extra protection.  The gang also recruited a new juve

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Re: Multi Player Necromunda Battle Report
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2010, 02:47:49 PM »
Wow great report and nice wargame table!

It is also great fun of read, and the pics are super. Only one question... what I have to do to make a army of rat? because they seem sooo dangerous... low tech and deadly theets  :-[