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Author Topic: Experimental Rules and Rules for posting them in this section  (Read 10098 times)


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Fellow Mordheimers

There has been a calling for opening the Experimental Rules section in Mordheim. I an inclined to do so but it will not be a "free for all" on experimental ideas. After receiving much feedback on this matter from many gamers I will open this topic area but the below mentioned "notes" will need to be followed for this area to work.

It was the same on the Old SG Forum, there were only a few things allowed in the Experimental Rules area and almost everything else was in the discussion area. With following past traditions of dealing with this we will embarq on a new journey of Experimental Rules for Mordheim.

1) They must be coherently prepared. This is vague but understand people don't want to read things that are not formally put together, not properly thought out and can read it. If you can't do this then put it in the "Discussion Area".
2) Not all ideas will make it and will be closed, moved and or deleted.
3) Number 2 is not be dogmatic but rather keep "realistic" experimental rules ideas instead of getting "Dwarfs should have movement 4 and or Dwarfs should fly". Again, this is a bit vague but certain things won't be up for discussion. If needed, those can or will be transferred to the "Discussion" area.
4) There is no guarantee Experimental Rules will ever become official as at this time Gaming Mechanics will not be changed per SG Games.
5) If I lock, delete or move a topic PM me about that matter. Bringing it up for discussion for all would not be the way to go.
6) Please don't be the person to post something that is way off base as noted in Number 3 or wants dinosaur's in Mordheim as these posts will be deleted.
7) Most Mordheim players are passionate about the game and we want that but sometimes being too passionate can allow someone to lose site of the game and it gaming intent.
8) Use Accurate Subject Titles for the rules.