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Author Topic: Board open for use  (Read 1651 times)

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Board open for use
« on: August 14, 2013, 12:31:51 PM »
Per request I have opened up this board for the (re)development of army selectors. For now there is a limited group of moderators, so expect some lag in the beginning.

Please use the following considerations when posting

Subject tags:
use the proper prefix, followed by the name of the armyselector when posting. I will ask the mod(s) to prefill the forum with the existing selector options, but in case you want to create a new one, follow these restrictions

[WM Army of your choice]

for anything rules related tag [WM Rules]

Subject use:
restrict the discussion on a ONE THREAD PER ARMY base. If you need to cross reference then simply point to the appropriate thread and try and avoid duplication!

This is NOT a gallery forum, there are other places to show of armies, units etc. again, feel free to cross reference!

Eventually we might appoint "champions" for the various armies, to coordinate playtesting etc. Feel free to volunteer, I will suggest that you approach the Mod to make your candidateship known.

keep an open mind when using this forum. There are a lot of old timers who will cry "Been There, Done That", and indeed there has been considerable playing and testing of all material that was published before. And yes, changes have been made (or it has been decided NOT to make them), often for good reasons

Be prepared for criticism, both evolution and revolution come about by humble pie!