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Author Topic: "We're gonna need a bigger thunderhawk..." converting primaris carcharadons  (Read 10272 times)

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Wow. The force looks great. It's amazing how uniformed they look from such an eclectic variety of parts.

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Impressive force!
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thanks guys.

yeah. that was the whole thing with these. 

wanted to give the army a sense of age.
also wanted to get a colourscheme thats actually pretty varied in application but uniform as a whole. so a model with black shins would have grey knees and grey waist plates and vise versa.
same with the faces, a model with a white faceplate can go darker elsewhere and vise versa.
one of the more subtle parts of this is the use of the skavenblight dinge as a base on some parts (elbows and ankle joints are ALL this colour but faceplates, kneepads and shins etc will get picked out in this) to create a subtle difference and a mid-way between the mechanicus standard grey and the black parts certainly helps.
although sometimes i'd break this rule and follow where my muse took me. not to the point of a model standing out too much but the spirit of the induvidual model will come through in the paint and the brush sometimes
it also helps that all the highlighting and weathering (scratches and chips) across the two greys and the black are the same set of highlights. 

dawnstone, admingrey, white extreme dot highlights on the mechanicus based parts.
mechanicus grey before these three on the skavenblight based parts and skavenblight then mechanicus before these three on the black parts.
confused?  I hope not...

anyway, this ties it together and makes it look not only like it belongs as one suit not a collection of disparate parts but also more lived in...

the end product aims to create a uniformity int he squad/army but a sense of character and induviduality between the models. each one is like a questing space knight in bespoke armour. it fits the overal theme but is interpreted everso differently by the tech-magos that made it.
not to mention the idea of replacement parts that would be added/changed over the years of service etc...

I kept the idea of this 'different parts, different colours' with the centurions. I wanted these to evoke the level of venerability you'd ususally associate with terminators. and to show its a suit with a fully suited marine inside it. hence the different heads to show the different marks of armour inside the cent-suits...

however all the scout and phobos armour is painted exactly the same to suggest that these armour's are more standard issue and less bespoke and venerated, and of a newer age to the full astartes armour. 
the characterisation on the scouts is done almost exclusively by the faces and via the specialised kit and poses alone, but purely the kit and poses on the phobos guys... I wanted a clean rtb01 aspect to these anyway so that actually worked in my favour that these guys are less overt and more covert looking in the end...

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