September 27, 2020, 03:43:51 AM

Author Topic: "We're gonna need a bigger thunderhawk..." converting primaris carcharadons  (Read 8354 times)

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cheers B!

rather pleased with the end result.
just glad I got some added height and reduced girth. less obese more obscene!
this things should inspire terror in the enemy not laughter.
these look like they might actually be capable of walking about without having to stop every six steps to pant the meat-sweats out...

but seriously Im having real trouble on the third. I need good pads for it. ones like the mk5 one wont work with the arm config and the standard pads no look inadequate on their own, next to the mk3's ones with ogry bits under them. but again, they cant be added either as they'd get in the way...
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