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Author Topic: Errata/FAQ for BOFA?  (Read 3927 times)

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Errata/FAQ for BOFA?
« on: June 28, 2015, 05:52:29 PM »
As someone who is just getting into Warmaster, and learning that many people use the Warmaster Ancients rules with magic, etc added on, it was recommended to me that I buy a copy of the Battle of Five Armies rulebook (given that the Ancients books are $70+ on ebay at this time...). Supposedly it was a good blend of the two rulesets...

First thing I noticed was that Machines and Artillery arent covered at all, nor are chariots. No big deal...

But HUGE omissions in the rules:
p40 "Support" is missing the text on HOW to support! Or rather, WHAT supporting actually does.
p46 "Fall Backs" is missing the whole "3d6" mechanic

Im sure there are other things I have missed or havent gotten to yet, but I havent been able to find an Errata/FAQ online. Any leads?