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Author Topic: The 28 Giveaway - free bits for those affected by the crisis  (Read 35 times)

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Thought it cool to share this one. 28 Mag have organised a giveaway of some old school bits for those affected by the Covid-19 crisis. I can imagine some of you here might be interested.

We at Team28 were recently approached by Stefan Blokker Gomez de la Torre, he had discovered his old Warhammer miniatures and wondered if we could find a use for them. We agreed that a giveaway would be the best option, and we are more than happy to launch it now.
In these dark times many are left unemployed and depressed. We sincerely hope that only those without means to enjoy the hobby enter, scout’s honour.

All you have to do to enter is send us an email at submissions@28-mag.com before the 30.6.2020. The title should be GIVEAWAY and please state in the email which one of the following packages you wish for.

Fantasy humans
Imperial humans
Basing material
Castle walls and trees

We will contact the winners for their addresses in July. We cannot guarantee that the winners will receive the hoped for package and we will not enter into discussions on the subject.

Please note that these miniatures are old, used plastic and metal miniatures. They are not new, but we believe that with a bit of work they can be restored and used in conversions.

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