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Author Topic: Modified Demiurg Cutting Beam  (Read 300 times)

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Modified Demiurg Cutting Beam
« on: October 14, 2020, 02:15:15 PM »
With this ship:

I added something on the wing. Now that I painted it I need rules. Because of because it has becomen:

A Modified Demiurg Cutting Beam
The device can collect up to 5 Blastmarkers. These may be held in storage. Each blastmarker can be used to gain +5cm speed (thus to a total of +25sm speed).

Rest of the stats:

cruiser: 6 hits
armour 5+ with prow deflector
speed: 25cm
shields 2
turrets 3

prow eldar battery: str 14 @ 30cm F, left shift
port ion cannon: str 1 @ 30cm LF
starboard ion cannon: str 1 @ 30cm RF
dorsal modified cutting beam